Nominated for Cannes Film Festival
"Abyss of Tenderness" has been nominated to compete for the Nespresso Talents Award 2016.
The winning film will be screened at Cannes Film Festival.

Max-Ernst Grant 2016
This grant devoted to the great Surrealist Max Ernst will help me to finish the production of the first part of "The Straw that Broke". There will be a solo-show with my earlier works at Brühl this april.
Max-Ernst Stipendium

Grant of Kunststiftung Baden-Württemberg 2016
I am thankful and proud to recieve the grant of the "Kunststiftung BW" in order to produce my current project "The Straw that Broke".
Kunststiftung BW

The Straw that Broke
The procution of my current film project "The Straw that Broke" based on a novel by Tom Whalen has begun.The author and film-critic is also contributing the screenplay. Soon a project website with informations about the process as well as the creative team behind this surrealist science-fiction film will be on air. Ceck out our Facebook-Site. More information about Tom Whalen here.