"Vivant" means to be alive. What does it mean to be alive? What does it feel to be alive?
Is it associated with your surrounding, the people you are with at the moment? Is it your time, the space, your body that makes you feel alive? Is it pain or joy?
The multimedial installation VIVANT asks itself these questions in terms of an individual experience of art whilst being in a social context of an opening, exhibition or an event. The project is basically split up in two areas; one is an installation that excludes the visitor from the outside and consists of different rooms which can only be singulary accessed and experienced. On the other hand we took focus on the surrounding as well – a space to meet, get to know and talk to people. It has the funtion of a foyer similar to that of a theater. Through a progressive advertisement of the event outside the art circle we want to let people meet each other– despite their belonging to the art world, their different social backround or their nationality. As the social interactions take place outside, "personal" interactions take place inside. We created our works specifically to react or interact with the visitor – the architectorial shape invites, hinders or leads the visitor during his exploration. We made use of sensors, a buzzer and camera-recognition programmes to evoke the feeling that you are not alone. Nevertheless through the oral reports of visitors there is a differnce of being seen from an human eye and from the eye of the installation. Do you follow the given route, do you interact as you are supposed?
My Animation Dicke Nacht was shown in the tunnel of the first installment of VIVANT, wich took place at Kunstverein Letschebach in Karlsruhe. We currently arrange a new set up in another city.