Walking on flat ground I could see myself from above
- a collaboration with Tao Kan Xu

Tao Kan Xu´s installation and mine, took place in two rooms. They were directly mirrored in the architecture of the exhibition-space.
As the rooms look similar, we wanted our installations to synchronize.
Our two digital works resemble again, like in the 2011 installation "Resonant Room With Broken Membrane".

We wanted to create a state in which the physical condition of the viewer had to be passive and active at the same time. In this way the viewer is absorbed by the two eye-demanding works.

In order to achive our goal the user was asked to lay inside of the exhibition room, being able to decide if he wanted to become part of it. Crawling under the walls´gap, parts the body into two. While the upper part is watching the video, the lower part shows outside of the dividing wall.