Die Verwandlung

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A Man Opens the Drawer of a Dresser

A man opens the drawer of a dresser and sees in it, beneath a pile of socks, a tiny village with tiny people walking along the streets and tiny cars backed up at a tiny stop sign, but what he is looking for is not in the drawer, so he closes it.

He opens another drawer of the dresser, and here, beside the under- wear, is a tiny mountain and upon the mountain tiny sheep being herded by
a shepherd and a tiny stream flowing down the mountain; above it all a little cloud passes dropping its tiny rain. Not in here either, he thinks, and closes the drawer.

In the next one, inside a stray house shoe, he sees a tiny bed and in the bed a tiny couple fucking, and all around them the crumbs of very tiny crackers, and a speck-sized television is playing. The man closes this drawer quickly.

Then he bends down to the bottom drawer and there, upon an ocean of sweaters, sees a poorly lit room with a tiny double bed and a closet mirror covered with gray dust and a tiny man in a worn coat bending down before the bottom drawer of a dresser staring in at a man bending down before the bottom drawer of a dresser staring in ...

-Tom Whalen

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