Abgrund der Zärtlichkeiten

Stop-Motion Animation
D 2013

Screenings & Festivals (Auswahl)

Artloft, Berlin

Max Ernst Museum, Brühl

Kunstsammlung der Stadt Brühl , Brühl

VFF-Vertical Film Festival, Katoomba, Australien

Nespresso Talents, Wettbewerb für das Cannes Film Festival

Kunstraum am Schauplatz, Wien 

Dreams, Online Video Channel

Galerie Burster, Berlin 

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III. Report from Stuttgart-West

“Vertically projected the spectator sinks into the animation.” — Valentin Hennig on “The Abyss of Tenderness”

Yesterday a thousand nimble servants scraped light off a thousand windows. As I continued downward my feet slipped into the dark pigeon holes of a Bieder- meier roll top that once belonged to an aunt who wasn’t really an aunt, but the moment when what we are collapses.

By way of the auspices of the breasts of the daughter of forgetting, in whose eyes the blue of clocks bulbs up only to sink back into a white, maggoty loam, slats the lavender of electrodes rise over the child in the crib in the shape of a beetle, its
legs gripping the infant floating off in the darkness of the blood of a book laid on a plate in the backyard where ants slip one by one from the eye of a dead mouse in the twilight dripping from a strange green burn on the child’s finger.

A forty year old woman in Stuttgart- West, kind to inanimates, looks over the city spreading out like lunch meat lit by the light of a thousand candelabras.

Enthralled by the prospect, a hand quivers on its hinges.

— Tom Whalen