Auge (Falte) Fisch 

D 2012
Animation / Realfilm

I. The Overcoat

No, not that, my mother told the doctor. Here, behind his ear, and the doctor cut a hole there with a scalpel and extracted from the hole an overcoat.

Now I must wear it wherever I go.


- Tom Whalen

Auge (Falte) Fisch, Still 1.JPG
Auge (Falte) Fisch, Still 3.JPG

Screenings & Festivals (Auswahl)

Kunsthaus L6, Freiburg im Breisgau

Camp/1, Festival für Film und Performance, Halle 

Wilhelmspalais, Stuttgart

Galerie Burster, Berlin 

Max Ernst Museum, Brühl

Videominuto - XX Edition, Prato, Italien